1. Mini Git Tutorial

    Okay I decided to copy & paste some basic git commands and add some short descriptions, so that people who never used git before but have used svn can get a basic workflow running. (So I can tell people I work with: "read this to get started. If you need to ...

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  2. Building Android on Arch Linux x86_64

    So it turns out building Android on Arch isn't quite that straight forward, but it is not impossible. There are some guides out there, but none of them is really complete. So here are my steps to get the building started.

    First of all you need to enable multilib ...

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  3. Did you know about Python?

    Well this is so neat, that I have to share it here. :) So today I learned something fancy about python. Some more syntactic sugar. Oh I know why I code most of my stuff in python. So let's assume we define a function like this:

    >>> def func(a, b ...
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  4. Microsoft SQL Server Downgrade Attack

    I took a look at the authentication mechanisms of the native network protocols of some of the more prominent dbms vendors. One of my targets was Microsofts SQL Server 2008 R2. MSSQL provides two methods for authentication: Integrated and Native Authentication. Integrated uses Windows OS user credentials to log into ...

  5. TCP Proxy for MITM Attacks in Metasploit

    Some time ago I wrote my first metasploit module and therefore had to play around with ruby. The metasploit module I wrote implements a man-in-the-middle attack on an application layer protocol. So my module is both TCP Server and Client and therefore I like to call it TCP Proxy.

    Coming ...

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