Key Transition 2013

Posted on Sun, 2013-06-16 in misc

Today I sent my old OpenPGP key to retirement. I have been really sloppy with this key. I never changed my encryption subkey and signed everything with the master key. With the new key I'll store the master key offline and will sign/encrypt with subkeys, which I'll rotate much more frequent. Currently I'm thinking once or twice a year.

Transition statement from my old key can be found here: transition statement

The new key is:

4096R/0xBCFEF3D1E4BC65A1 2013-06-16 [expires: 2016-06-15]
Key fingerprint = ECC5 1F7E DA2A 3E35 807B  CF42 BCFE F3D1 E4BC 65A1

Useful Resources

I found those websites useful while transitioning between my key.

Step by step for creating a offline master key with encryption and signing subkeys.

General OpenPGP best practices

Update: Another useful blog post about setting up a keypair with gnupg