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  1. Hunting Memory Leaks in Python

    The first thing you might say: "Memory leaks in python? What the hell are you talking about? Python has garbage collection. How is this possible? I don't have to care about memory management!" Well you don't. Until your python project blows up directly into your face because it ...

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  2. Did you know about Python?

    Well this is so neat, that I have to share it here. :) So today I learned something fancy about python. Some more syntactic sugar. Oh I know why I code most of my stuff in python. So let's assume we define a function like this:

    >>> def func(a, b ...
    Tagged as : python fancy
  3. TCP Proxy for MITM Attacks in Metasploit

    Some time ago I wrote my first metasploit module and therefore had to play around with ruby. The metasploit module I wrote implements a man-in-the-middle attack on an application layer protocol. So my module is both TCP Server and Client and therefore I like to call it TCP Proxy.

    Coming ...

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